Courses I've TA'd for.

I was a teaching assistant for four classes on algorithms / complexity as an undergraduate at Caltech, and one class on parallel computing at Berkeley. All of these classes had 100+ students! You can find the reviews that the students left me in the files below. Information that personally identifies students has been redacted. Scroll down to the last page of the Berkeley review document to see comments that I received.

In July 2023, I also TA'd an summer program held by the Simons Laufer Mathematical Institute.

  1. SLMATH 1064

      Two-week graduate summer program about randomized sketching algorithms and tensor computations. I gave a talk about my work on the last day of the program; check out the video.

  2. Applications of Parallel Computers
    Spring 2022, Teaching Assistant.
    Berkeley CS267
  3. Algorithms
    Spring 2020, Spring 2019, Spring 2018, Teaching Assistant.
    Caltech CS38/138

      🏅 Award: 2020 Thomas A. Tisch Prize

      Proof-based algorithms course. I taught three times over three years (2018, 2019, 2020); responsibilities included grading homework, holding office hours, and testing exam questions.

      During the COVID-19 pandemic (before Zoom had non-random breakout rooms), I deployed a queue where students could enter in their own Zoom numbers and get help from TAs. The wait times for help were long, but I'm proud that we jury-rigged a solution for virtual office hours so quickly.

  4. Decidability and Tractability
    Winter 2018, Teaching Assistant.
    Caltech CS21

      Introductory complexity theory course. Besides grading homework and exams, I gave two lectures on NP-completeness while my professor was out (not my slides / content, but it was great public speaking experience).