An archive of announcements.

May 14, 2024   
I am thrilled to receive Berkeley's Teaching Effectiveness Award (2023-2024). The prize comes with a $500 check, and the winner names / essays will be public soon. Read my essay here!
May 4, 2024   
Charles Block, Gerasimos Gerogiannis, and three other wonderful researchers from UIUC and IU built on the code from our 2022 IPDPS paper. Read their ASPLOS 2024 paper here. Update: Nabil Abubaker and Torsten Hoefler (ETH Zurich) also tested our code! Their paper is here.
Apr 5, 2024   
I'm delighted that our paper Distributed-Memory Randomized Algorithms for Sparse Tensor CP Decomposition has been accepted at SPAA 2024.
Mar 15, 2024   
Summer plans: I'll be at NVIDIA (Santa Clara campus) working on sparse linear algebra primitives.
Jan 17, 2024   
I passed my qualifying exam! Check out my slides.
Dec 30, 2023   
I will take my PhD qualifying exam on January 17 2024, which consists of a presentation of my research so far. You can find more details here.
Nov 5, 2023   
My new website is up! It's a clone of al-folio, but rewritten entirely with Jinja, Python, and Pelican.
Sep 21, 2023   
I'm happy to announce the acceptance of our recent work to Neurips 2023.